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Wasp nest
How To Get Rid Of Wasps In Florida

Wasps are very territorial insects that can sting their perceived attackers multiple times and even send out alarm pheromones to other wasps. To protect your family and pets from painful stings, learn how to get rid of wasps today.

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Pantry free of pantry moths
How To Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Pantry moths aren’t only unsanitary but can cost you a lot of money when it comes to replacing groceries. If you are worried about moths invading your pantries, check out these tips on how to get rid of pantry moths.

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House with healthy green lawn
25 Common Florida Weeds

Florida homeowners enjoy great weather year-round, but with that comes year-round weeds that ruin the look of your lawn and can affect the health of your grass. In most cases, Florida lawn weeds are faster and more complex than our grass, making them difficult to control.

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Armyworm on grass
How to Get Rid of Armyworms

Armyworms plague lawns throughout Florida. These ravenous pests feed at night and can destroy entire landscapes within days. Learn more about armyworms and how to protect your lawn from these insects.

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Spraying weeds in a yard
Get Rid of Weeds in Your Yard

You’re in the midst of a turf war, and the enemies are invading from every angle— creeping in from neighboring territories and dropping in from the skies. They may only hold the low ground, but that’s their field of expertise.

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