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We Can Be Your Ticket to a Lush, Vibrant Lawn

Having a gorgeous, vibrant, and breathtaking landscape all year long is just a phone call away. Our lawn service in Minneola can give you the lawn of your dreams without the hassle of having to do the work yourself!


Because Deans uses only EPA approved products to protect your home and family, we always balance home care with environmental safety and responsibility.

Guaranteed Results

We believe in delivering the highest quality pest control with every treatment — and with our Deans Money Back Guarantee, you’re sure to get it.

Responsive Service

With same-day responses and treatment within 48 business hours, we’ll be there when you need us most!

Fantastic company. I highly recommend. I've used Deans Services for 2 years now and I have no complaints. Keep it up!


Lawn Service in Minneola

Living in Florida can feel like living in a tropical paradise. Unfortunately, all that sunshine, rain, and humidity can exhaust your landscape and leave it looking brown without any sign of life. Our lawn service in Minneola is just what the doctor ordered to get your lawn back to looking its best and feeling great, too! We employ customized fertilizers, fungus control, weed control, and more to give you a lawn you can feel good about.

Fertilizer Blends Nourish Your Lawn at the Right Time

Not all fertilizers are created equal, and our proprietary blend of nutrients give your landscape exactly what it needs in exactly the right amounts at precisely the right time. Your lawn is a living thing that has different needs throughout the year. Our fertilizer is a unique blend of key nutrients that your lawn needs, including:

  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • And calcium

Our fertilizer blends applied at the right time throughout the year give your lawn back its luster and help it to grow and thrive.

Our Lawn Service Packages

All-inclusive lawn and shrub care including year-round fertilization, weed control, and all-natural microbe applications, AND termite for full home protection. Starting at $45/month!Learn More

All-inclusive lawn and shrub care including year-round fertilization, weed control, and all-natural microbe applications. Starting at $35/month!Learn More

Get Guaranteed Results that You Can Count On

Not everything in life comes with a guarantee, but your lawn service in Minneola certainly does! There’s a reason why we have been in the business for more than 30 years and the fact that our customers stick with us without any binding contracts is a testament to that. Every lawn service in Minneola comes backed by our satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your yard is in good hands.

Family-Friendly Treatments for Your Peace of Mind

A gorgeous lawn should never come at the expense of your family’s health. Here at Deans, we are proud to offer family-friendly lawn maintenance in Minneola that will give you results without the guilt. Our treatments are minimally-invasive, so you can have the lawn of your dreams without worrying about your kids or pets in the backyard.

Spend Your Weekends Enjoying Your Lawn

Here at Deans, our goal is to give you a gorgeous, thriving landscape that you can enjoy every day. Our services help you enjoy your outdoor spaces instead of working in them. Let us do the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your luscious lawn!

Are you ready to achieve the lawn you’ve been dreaming of?

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