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Don’t Share Your Home With Pests

Having pests in your home is a nightmare, but finding a solution doesn’t have to be. Our pest control in The Villages can get pests out of your home quickly and keep them out for good!


Because Deans uses only EPA approved products to protect your home and family, we always balance home care with environmental safety and responsibility.

Guaranteed Results

We believe in delivering the highest quality pest control with every treatment — and with our Deans Money Back Guarantee, you’re sure to get it.

Responsive Service

With same-day responses and treatment within 48 business hours, we’ll be there when you need us most!

Fantastic company. I highly recommend. I've used Deans Services for 2 years now and I have no complaints. Keep it up!


Pest Control in The Villages

If you live in The Villages, chances are you’ve run into your fair share of household pests — it comes with the territory. Luckily, our exterminators at Deans Services are experts in getting rid of all kinds of bugs, including:

  • Earwigs
  • Ants
  • Millipedes
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • And more!

All it takes is one quick call to us, and we will send those pests packing!

Quick Service Gives You Fast Results

When you’re dealing with pest control problems in The Villages, you don’t want to wait weeks or even days to get relief. At Deans Services, we offer quick treatment that helps get pests out of your home as soon as possible. We even offer same-day responses and typically offer treatment within 48 business hours, so you don’t have to deal with pests any longer than necessary.

Relax with Our Family-Friendly Services

Traditionally, pest control services are known for using harsh chemicals and tough methods to be effective. But here at Deans Services, we have the experience and the tools to give you family-friendly, minimally-invasive pest control in The Villages. Our approach uses fewer harsh chemicals, so you can have peace of mind knowing that while our treatments are tough on the bugs, your loved ones are safe!

Finally Enjoy a Pest-Free Home Once and for All

If you’re tired of sharing your home with unwanted pests, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Our effective and efficient pest inspections in The Villages can have your home pest-free in no time — and keep it that way! For more than three decades, The Villages residents just like you have trusted us to keep their homes free from pests, and we will be happy to help you too. You’ll love the results of our services; we guarantee it!

Are you ready to stop sharing your home with household pests?

Get a free quote today!