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Lawn Care in Wildwood

Our lawn care specialists in Wildwood will take care of all the hard work for you, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new outdoor space. Our comprehensive lawn care system provides your turf with exactly what it needs, including:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Weed control and prevention
  • Fungus control
  • Shrub care
  • Lawn pest control
  • And much more!

Guaranteed Results

If your lawn is suffering from brown spots, thin patches, or unrelenting weeds, it can be easy to feel like giving up. When Deans Services is on your side, however, you won’t have to worry about a thing! Our lawn care in Wildwood is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, so you know your yard is in good hands. If you run into problems between scheduled visits, our lawn care team from Leesburg will work hard to remedy things.

Worry-Free, Eco-Friendly Treatments

You shouldn’t have to choose between a gorgeous lawn and your family’s well-being, which is why we proudly offer family-friendly lawn care in Wildwood. This way, you can achieve the lawn of your dreams without worrying about the impact on curious kids and pets. To make things even better, our products are also eco-friendly, so they won’t damage your landscaping or the surrounding environment.

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Lawn Fungus Control in Wildwood

If your lawn is looking patchy, lifeless, and damaged, it may be the result of a lawn fungus. Lawn fungal disease is characterized by rings of brown or yellow patches that grow steadily over time, until your entire yard is affected. The best way to combat it is by acting quickly and calling the experts at Deans Services. Our lawn fungus control in Wildwood will revitalize your lawn and make it even greener and healthier than before.

A Healthy Lawn, Guaranteed

For over 30 years, we’ve helped our neighbors achieve healthy, luscious lawns, and we can help you! Our decades of experience allow us to give you top notch, proven treatments that are guaranteed to work. When you partner with us for your lawn fungus control in Wildwood, we will:

  • Schedule your appointment within 48 hours of your call, eliminating annoying wait times.
  • Perform a careful inspection of your lawn to confirm you’re dealing with lawn fungus.
  • Create a personalized treatment plan with eco-friendly products, based on your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Back our services with our money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident you’re making the right choice.

Weed Control in Wildwood

Weeds do more than just appear unhealthy, they deprive your lawn of the nutrients it needs to thrive. When you choose Deans Services for weed control in Wildwood, we promise to give your lawn the care it needs. 

Effective, Long-Term Weed Control

We want to help you save time and money on weed control, so put away your shovel and your garden gloves and give us a call! We guarantee appointments within 48 hours and offer a money-back guarantee to get you the prompt, effective weed control you deserve. Our lawn care technicians in Wildwood eliminate pre-existing weeds and help prevent the growth of future weeds. When you choose Deans Services for weed control in Wildwood, you can expect the following: 

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your lawn to identify the types of weeds and areas where they grow on your property.
  • A custom weed control treatment plan to cultivate a healthy, weed-free lawn.
  • Eco-friendly weed treatments to safely rid your lawn of weeds.
  • Preventative weed control to ensure long-term protection from weeds.

Tree & Shrub Care in Wildwood

If you’re like most people, you probably put a lot of thought and resources into lawn care, but have you considered the importance of your trees and shrubs? Healthy ornamentals can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home. In fact, well-kept shrubs have been shown to increase the overall value of your home by as much as 20%. With your busy life and Florida’s hot climate, however, taking care of trees and shrubs is easier said than done. The good news is that with Deans Services right around the corner, you can have healthy ornamentals year-round without having to fight Florida’s climate, pests, and disease on your own. All you have to do is call Deans Services today for affordable tree and shrub care in Wildwood, and we’ll get to work within 24 hours!

What Makes Our Tree Care the Best of the Best

At Deans Services, we go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services. When it comes to tree care, that means offering quality, affordable tree service designed to take your landscape to the next level. In order to provide you with the best of the best in tree and shrub care, our services come with the following benefits:

  • Service within 24 hours of your call.
  • Eco-friendly tree and shrub care products, safe for the environment AND your family.
  • Affordable pricing and a variety of bundle deals to save you money.
  • Quick and effective treatment of insect-infested and diseased ornamentals.
  • Treatment plans tailored from season to season to get the best results.
  • A tree care professional specifically assigned to oversee your recurring services. 
  • Free re-treatments within 24 hours if you are not completely satisfied with the tree service you receive.

Grub Control in Wildwood

Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours weeding, watering, and fertilizing only to discover that your lawn is covered in brown spots. No matter how much time you spend on your lawn, grubs remain a major threat to lawn health. By digging deep beneath your soil and eating away at your grassroots, these sneaky pests cause sections of your grass to die and become discolored. The best way to get rid of grubs before they do serious damage is to immediately contact a professional lawn care company. Don’t let grubs get the better of you. Call Deans Services today for quick and effective grub control in Wildwood.

Say Goodbye to Grubs Once and For All

To get rid of grubs for good, it is important to eliminate these damaging pests in all stages of life including egg, grub, and full-grown beetle. Luckily, our grub control in wildwood is designed to do exactly that. Say goodbye to grubs once and for all with the following services:

  • A lawn inspection within 48 hours of your call.
  • A unique treatment plan designed to meet your needs.
  • Eco-friendly grub control for safe and effective pest removal.
  • Frequent communication with your lawn care professional.
  • Recurring lawn pest control for lasting relief.
  • Free re-treatments if you are not 100% satisfied with our work.
5 Star Review

Jonathan P. came today for our first visit from Deans Lawn Service. He was very knowledgeable about lawn care. I know because I have been in the Greenhouse Nursery Business in the past for 40 years. He was very good with his service and we are glad to have him as our lawn care specialist.

Golden Drop Hemp Oil
5 Star Review

Our technician, Ricky, is the best. Is reliable, has excellent communication skills, is customer-service oriented. A great asset for Dean's Services.

Fred Upton
5 Star Review

We have been very happy with the service we get from Dean's. Jonaton P. is a pleasure to have as a service rep.

Virginia Jawidzik
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