How Many Roaches Make Up an Infestation?

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Cockroaches are some of the most disturbing creatures found in homes. They are hard to kill because they can survive for days without food or water, and they have an exceptional sense of smell which helps them detect traps. In this blog we will discuss what cockroaches look like, the environments they thrive in, specific types, what it means to have an infestation, and more.

What do cockroaches look like?

Cockroaches are small insects that have a similar body structure to grasshoppers and crickets. They can be dark brown or black in color, but some species of cockroach may appear more reddish-brown especially when they’re young. Cockroaches also have very long antennae with around 30 segments which allows them to sense their surroundings. Some species of cockroach can grow up to an inch long, but there are also species that only grow around half an inch in length.

Where do cockroaches live?

Roaches thrive in damp, dark environments. They can be found in sewers, garbage disposal areas, and even inside your home. They also like places where there is plenty of food available for them to eat including the kitchen and bathroom.

As mentioned before, cockroaches love dark spaces which makes it hard for us humans to spot them especially when they’re hiding under furniture or mattresses. They can hide out in corners of your home and can also squeeze themselves into cracks and crevices.

The main roach we see in Florida are Large Roaches. These typically come out during the rainy season and can make their way into your home through cracks and crevices around your home. 

What do cockroaches eat? 

Cockroaches are omnivores which means that they feed on both plants and animals. They love to eat starchy foods like bread, pasta, rice, cereal boxes as well as sugary food items such as cookies or cake icing. They haven't been know to eat live insects but will feast on dead ants.

Do I have a roach infestation?

Typically, just seeing one roach in your home doesn't mean that you have an infestation. However, since roaches do like to hide out in dark damp corners of your home you may miss the signs of an infestation. To know for sure you should have a professional pest control company come out and complete a thorough inspection of your home in order to know for sure.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Roaches are attracted to shelter, water, and food. If you leave crumbs around or leave pet food in an easily accessible location for pests they will make their way into your home. Roaches can flatten themselves to the size of a piece of paper, so they can easily make their way into your home. If cleaning up crumbs and stagnant water doesn't work to keep these pests at bay, you may need a professional pest control company, like Deans Services in Florida, to come and take care of your problem for you.

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