How to Keep Spiders Away

jumping spider on a leaf

Spiders are common household pests that can spin unsightly webs and create a nuisance. While most spiders are harmless to humans, their webs can be quite bothersome and even pose a fire hazard if they accumulate near electrical outlets or light fixtures. If you're looking for effective ways to keep spiders away and prevent the formation of spider webs in your home, here are some helpful methods:

1. Keep it clean: Spiders in Florida are attracted to clutter and dark corners, so maintaining a clean and tidy living space can deter them from taking up residence. Regularly dust and vacuum your home, paying special attention to ceiling corners, upper corners of rooms, and behind furniture.

2. Seal gaps and cracks: Spiders can enter your home through small cracks and gaps in doors, windows, and walls. Seal these entry points using caulk or weatherstripping to prevent spiders from finding their way inside.

3. Outdoor maintenance: Trim back trees and shrubs that are close to your home's exterior, as spiders can use them as bridges to enter your living space. Additionally, remove any debris, such as leaves or woodpiles, from around the perimeter of your house.

4. Natural repellents: Certain scents repel spiders, so consider using essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil. Dilute a few drops in water and spray the mixture in areas where spiders are commonly found.

5. Humane spider removal: If you come across a spider in your home, rather than killing it, use a cup and a piece of thin cardboard to capture it and release it outside carefully. This method allows you to remove spiders without causing them harm.

By incorporating these methods into your regular cleaning schedule and practicing humane spider removal techniques, you can effectively keep spiders away and prevent spider webs in your home. Remember, while most spiders are harmless, it's essential to exercise caution when dealing with potentially dangerous species.

Need Assistance With Spider Control?

If you're dealing with pesky spider webs in your home, it's time to call in the experts in spider removal at Deans Services. With their exceptional spider control services, they can help remove those unwanted cobwebs and ensure your home remains spider-free. Deans Services offers comprehensive residential pest control services specifically designed to tackle spider infestations. Their team of skilled professionals is trained to identify spider hotspots and effectively eliminate them from your living space.

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