Termite Control: Liquid Treatment vs Baiting Systems

Subterranean termites

Termites can cause a significant amount of damage to your home in a short period of time. The financial cost, emotional stress, and inconvenience caused by a termite invasion in your home are incalculable. It’s important to react quickly and apply the best termite treatment. But first, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages when deciding between a liquid treatment or a baiting system to determine which termite protection approach is the best one for you and your home. 

What Is A Liquid Termite Treatment?

Liquid termite treatment places a liquid termiticide barrier around the outside perimeter of your home. It is highly effective in preventing and eliminating termite infestations. The treatment is applied by digging a trench or holes around your home and strategically treating the soil with liquid termiticide. The trench or holes are then filled in, and the termite barrier is now in place. 


There are many advantages to a liquid termite treatment, including:

  • Termites that pass through the treated soil surrounding your home are killed.
  • As an underground barrier that has soil-binding properties, it can last for years before retreatment is necessary.
  • It is less invasive to your property, your home, and your privacy.
  • Termites are prevented from entering your home.
  • Modern formulations remain undetected, allowing foraging termites to pass along the lethal ingredient to the colony. Once this occurs, the colony elimination occurs in as little as seven days.
  • It is an excellent, cost-effective termite control treatment. 
  • Extreme effectiveness against subterranean termites. 
  • It works quickly to prevent termites from invading your residence. 


There are a few disadvantages of a liquid termite treatment, which include:

  • A soil moat has to be dug, which can affect your landscape.
  • Sometimes the barrier can weaken over time due to weather and gaps made in the soil. 

What Is A Termite Bating System?

A termite baiting system is composed of enclosed units filled with termiticide placed around the perimeter of the outside of your home. These systems attract termites, and the insects take the food back to their colony, potentially destroying the infestation's source. 


There are some advantages to a termite baiting system, including:

  • The stations are easy to set up
  • Minimal product is required to be applied.
  • It can be a more eco-friendly option as the soil is left undisturbed. 
  • Bait traps can eventually kill the entire colony, the source of the infestation. 


The recognized disadvantages of a termite baiting system include:

  • The termites have to first find the bait and then bring it back to the colony, meaning it can take time for this treatment to work. 
  • Termites can continue to have access to your home before the treatment takes effect and the colony is destroyed. 
  • Total colony elimination usually takes about 90 days or longer.
  • A baiting system requires ongoing monitoring.
  • The termiticide has to be replaced or replenished over time by a trained professional. 
  • Bait stations are often rented through the pest control company, meaning they can be repossessed by a company agent, leaving your home unprotected.

Which Termite Treatment Method Is Best—Liquid Treatment or Baiting Systems?

While liquid treatments and baiting systems have their advantages, liquid barrier termite control is the fastest and most effective way to eradicate termites from your home. In most cases, it’s also more cost-effective, as treatments can be effective for years, while baiting systems have to be replaced periodically.

Call Your Local Termite Exterminator

The first step is locating these destructive pests, which is challenging as they hide underground. In most cases, you don’t know your home is infested until the damage is done! That’s why it is important to schedule an inspection from a local pest control company and invest in preventative treatment methods, such as liquid treatments or baiting systems.

If you live in central Florida, it’s time to call Deans Services. With over 30 years of local experience, we use a progressive approach. First, our termite-detecting canines precisely find the location of any termite activity. Then, our team of trained termite control professionals applies a highly effective liquid barrier treatment around your home. Our approach allows for quicker control and less structural damage to your home. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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