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Protect Your Home From Termites

Termites attack the inner workings of your home — potentially costing you thousands in damages! Our termite treatments in The Villages can help stop termites in their tracks so you can protect your largest investment — your home!


Because Deans uses only EPA approved products to protect your home and family, we always balance home care with environmental safety and responsibility.

Guaranteed Results

We believe in delivering the highest quality pest control with every treatment — and with our Deans Money Back Guarantee, you’re sure to get it.

Responsive Service

With same-day responses and treatment within 48 business hours, we’ll be there when you need us most!

Fantastic company. I highly recommend. I've used Deans Services for 2 years now and I have no complaints. Keep it up!


Termite Treatment in The Villages

Having a termite infestation can be stressful and scary, but our termite treatments in The Villages can get rid of the bugs and put your mind at ease. Our comprehensive termite treatments include:

  • Formosan and native termite protection
  • Annual termite inspections and supplemental treatments
  • Accurate K-9 detection
  • Quick termite eradication
  • And more!

Let us help you get rid of termites so you can keep your home from becoming lunch for hungry pests.

Accurate Detection Results That You Can Trust

Dealing with termites is unlike dealing with any other pest — time is of the essence when it comes to saving your home from these voracious insects. That’s why here at Deans Services we employ only the best methods and technology to detect a termite infestation as quickly and efficiently as possible. We even offer university-certified termite-detecting K-9s who provide unmatched detection accuracy. Whereas, human exterminators may only have up to a 30% detection accuracy rate, our specially trained canines have up to 94% accuracy in pinpointing hidden infestations behind walls. With quick detection, we can get to work on eradicating the bugs from your home — potentially saving you thousands of dollars in damages.

Leave Your Home Termite-Free

Once our team has determined that you do indeed have a termite infestation, we can get started on evicting the insects for good. We use effective liquid treatments to kill off termites in your home, including:

  • Termidor
  • Premise
  • Bora-Care

With these high-quality, highly efficient treatments combined with the best termite control technicians in the business, the bugs don’t stand a chance.  

Follow-Up Inspections Keep Termites Out

Once our team has rid your house of pesky termites, the fight is only half over. Unfortunately, termites often return to the scene of the crime — but not with Deans Services on the case! To keep termites out of your home for good, we provide complimentary, regular termite inspections as well as supplemental treatments to ensure that once the insects are out, they stay out!

Get Guaranteed Results that You Can Count On

Termite control in The Villages is tricky business, but we are confident in our termite treatments. We even offer a $1,000,000 retreat and repair warranty with all of our termite control treatments for unrivaled protection and peace of mind.

Convert To Save

Already have termite protection? Switch to Deans Services today to take advantage of our convert-to-save program. After an initial K9 detection by our team, we'll include your home in our $1 million retreat and repair warranty. With annual inspections and perimeter treatments, you'll never have to worry about termites attacking your home again.

If you’ve got termites in your home, don’t wait!

Call today for an inspection!