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Get Up to $100 Off a Pest Control Plan in Winter Garden!

Your home should be a space to relax. However, if you have household pests, your home could start feeling uncomfortable. Our pest control in Winter Garden will eliminate bugs quickly and effectively so you can get back to enjoying your home. 


Because Deans uses only EPA approved products to protect your home and family, we always balance home care with environmental safety and responsibility.

Guaranteed Results

We believe in delivering the highest quality pest control with every treatment — and with our Deans Money Back Guarantee, you’re sure to get it.

Responsive Service

With same-day responses and treatment within 48 business hours, we’ll be there when you need us most!

Love Deans! My technician Steve is awesome! So thorough and very knowledgeable! I wouldn't trust any other company to take care of these Florida bugs other than Deans :)

Pest Control in Winter Garden

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When it comes to Pest Control in Winter Garden, there are unfortunately a whole lot of pests to contend with. Lucky for you, our pest control services in Winter Garden can take care of them all in one fatal swoop. Our treatments can permanently evict common pests in the area like:

  • Spiders
  • Millipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Mice and rats
  • Flying insects
  • And more!

Our Florida State-Certified pest control exterminators use our integrated pest management technique to provide the perfect combination of technique and product to kill pests and protect your home long-term.

Our Pest Control Packages

  • Home Pest Control
  • Termite Protection

Complete pest protection for the health of your home!Learn More

  • Home Pest Control
  • Termite Protection
  • Lawn Fertilization and Weed/Pest Control
  • Shrub Fertilization and Pest Control

Complete pest protection for the health of your home and property!Learn More

Receive Pest Service Within 48 Hours

When you have pests invading your home, you don’t want to wait for relief — you want them gone now. That’s why we offer service within 48 business hours for your pest control needs in Winter Garden that can help rid your home of pests quickly. Our Home Pest program provides comprehensive relief from pests local to the Florida area, and our expert pest control technicians provide in-depth inspections before servicing your home to ensure proper treatment.

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Invest In Prevention Against Pest-Borne Illnesses

As annoying as household pests can be, they can also be dangerous! Many pests native to the Winter Garden area can carry a whole host of diseases that can make your family and pets sick. When you invest in our preventative pest control treatments, you’re making an investment in the health of the ones that you love the most!

Family-Friendly Pest Treatments

We have families, too, so you can trust us to treat your home as we would our own. The safety of your family and pets is at the top of our priority list, which is why we are committed to family-friendly, minimally-invasive pest control treatments that are harsh on the pests but safe for the ones you love. With our termite treatment and pest control services protecting your home, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe.

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Termite Treatment in Winter Garden 

Maintaining a pest-free home in Florida is difficult. With Deans Services on your side, you can relax knowing your home is protected from destructive termites!

Florida is home to sunny beaches, warm weather, beautiful scenery, and plenty of things to do to keep you busy year-round. People travel from all over the country to visit and we consider ourselves lucky to live here! Unfortunately, termites feel the same way. Our beautiful state is the ideal habitat for these destructive pests to live and thrive, leaving homeowners more susceptible to damage and infestation. 

Deans Services has been providing superior termite treatment in Winter Garden for over 30 years. When you put your home in our hands, you’re partnering with a team of experts that consider you their top priority. We promise to treat your home as if it were own, leaving you and your family termite-free! 

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Lifetime Pest Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Keeping your investment protected from termites isn’t easy, and we understand that you want long-term protection. Our Winter Garden termite treatment methods are designed to get rid of your existing infestation and then keep termites out — for good! Our treatment process includes:

  • A thorough inspection by our state-of-the-art K9 detection dogs
  • Identification of the termite species and extent of the infestation 
  • Implementation of our effective treatment method
  • Annual inspections and supplemental treatments for long-term protection

We’re so confident in our services that we back our termite treatments in Winter Garden with our signature $1,000,000 Lifetime Warranty. You can count on us!

Affordable Termite Control

Keeping your home termite-free is an investment, but we’re proud to offer $100 off termite applications. Additionally, we offer a variety of other ways to make termite control in Winter Garden affordable including multi-service discounts! Contact us today to learn more about ways you can save on effective and necessary termite control.

Did you know Dean's Services also offers a variety of options for lawn services in Winter Garden? Learn more about how we can pair your pest-free home with a beautiful green backyard. 

Ant Control in Winter Garden

Having a trail of ants in your home can feel a bit harrowing. If the thought of having to get rid of ants on your own makes you uncomfortable and frustrated, give Deans Services a call. We respond quickly and provide excellent ant control in Winter Garden.

Eco-Friendly Treatments for Risk-Free Protection

Our state-certified exterminators are dedicated to providing you with ant control in Winter Garden that completely resolves your ant problem and prevents future infestations. What’s more, we offer you relief in 48 hours or less! When treating your home, each exterminator uses eco-friendly products to give you a long-term solution that’s safe for you and your family.


If you partner with us for ant control in Winter Garden, we will provide you with:

  • An evaluation of your property by a highly trained exterminator to determine the right ant treatment plan for you.
  • A family-friendly treatment plan for effective ant control, with the option to include lawn pest control for greater protection. 
  • Service that is minimally invasive and is bound to provide more comprehensive pest control.
  • Fast relief and long-term protection to keep your home ant-free.
  • Your money back if you are unsatisfied with our service.

Rodent Control in Winter Garden

Common signs of a rodent infestation include chewed up boxes, holes gnawed through drywall, droppings, and hearing scratching noises. If these sound familiar, don’t panic. Our rodent control in Winter Garden is here to help by safely and efficiently eliminating rats and mice, no matter where they’re hiding in your home.


Family-Friendly Rodent Control Treatments with Lasting Results

Our rodent control in Winter Garden goes beyond store-bought traps, which can be messy and hazardous to set up. Instead, we use top quality, family-friendly products to eliminate rodents at their source. This gives you lasting relief and your peace of mind back. When you choose Deans Services, our rodent exterminators in Winter Garden will:

  • Ensure you have an appointment within 48 hours after you contact us.
  • Inspect your home from top to bottom, scouring it for signs of rodent activity.
  • Completely eliminate rats and mice using EPA-approved rodent control products that are safe for your family.
  • Carefully place bait stations around your home to give you long-term protection from rodents.
  • Return for quarterly inspections until we’re certain rodents are gone.

Don’t let household pests take away your peace of mind.

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