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Termite-Detecting K9s

Ever since canines began their course towards domestication, humankind has found great benefit in the employment of dogs in everyday life. From their early roles as guard animals and beasts of burden, canines have developed an increasingly important role in the lives of humans as hunters, herders, search-and-rescue dogs, police K9s, contraband interceptors special-needs companions, and—in more recent times—even cancer-detectors. It’s no surprise then, that those on the progressive edge of the pest control industry have adopted canines as an important tool in the detection of termite activity. Because termites emit a scented pheromone, dogs can be trained to detect and alert at the location of live activity, similar to the way contraband interceptors are trained to detect bombs and narcotics.

Why Use Dogs?

Because termites typically remain hidden from view for the majority of their lives, human inspection alone may at times prove ineffective. With a termite-detecting canine on the case, there’s no longer any place to hide. Such an effective inspection tool allows for early detection, which means quicker control and less potential for serious damage. Although several breeds of dog can be used, Beagles are often chosen for this task due to their keen sense of smell and reputable work ethic. Indeed, that is the breed we chose here at Deans for our two termite detecting canines, Dom and Eve. Of course, these aren’t just any Beagles. Before beginning employment with Deans Services, Dom and Eve underwent extensive training at J&K Canine Academy in North Florida. In addition, each year the dogs receive certification as to their effectiveness from the University of Florida to verify their continued accuracy. Canines are just one part of Deans’ industry-leading termite protection program, which includes a $1,000,000 Lifetime Warranty, Formosan protection, and annual supplemental treatments. So if you’d like the most effective and affordable protection available, call Deans Services and let us put our dogs to work for you!