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How's Your Termite Protection?

In a national survey, homeowners were asked what they perceived as the top threat to the value of their home. 43% responded with the reasonable—though incorrect—response of fire. Only 14% of homeowners named termites as the number one threat, although they strike more than five times as many homes each year as do fires and cause about $1.7 billion in damages. If this is surprising to you, you’re not alone. In fact, despite the fact that Florida is one of the highest risk states for termite infestation*, we’ve noticed that some of our ‘General Household Pest’ customers do not have our industry-leading termite protection. Some may be under the impression that their homeowner’s insurance covers termite damage. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case and is not realized until the damage has been done. But even if you have coverage with another company, it’s always a good idea to check and ensure that your protection is adequate. For example, did you know that some companies do not cover Formosan termites (Coptotermes formosanus) — a particularly destructive species of termite found throughout Florida? Or that some companies require that a deductible be paid if termite damage is discovered? Some may even require that you pay the cost of a full termite treatment every several years. We know it’s important to receive the best service for your money, and we know there are many options to choose from. We’d like to make the comparison easy for you by providing a brief checklist displaying a few of the provisions Deans Services offers. If your contract does not allow for all of the provisions displayed in this chart, it may be time to upgrade. So if it seems your termite protection may not be adequate, or you’d just like to reduce the cost of your annual termite renewal, call Deans Services today and ask about our ‘Convert to Save’ program!